Professional Resume Template Machine: Writing Resumes and Cover Letters Fast

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This is a complete guide to resumes and It’s called Professional Resume Template Machine: Writing Resumes and Cover Letters Fast. This book includes resume and cover letter samples and examples, ideas you can take for yourself, what you absolutely must NOT do, and much more. I’ve put everything I know about writing great resumes into simple, understandable language so that you can easily learn all there is to know about writing resumes. Things like…

• Resume Basics: How to blast past writer’s block, beat the blank page blues, and get your writing off to a roaring start.

• Updating Your Resume: The tricks of revamping your resume to have employers filling up your voicemail with interview requests.

• Resume Goals: Do you know what should be on your resume — and what you should definitely leave out? Here’s how to trim the fat and leave the meat.

• What Employers Want: If you goof this up, employers will toss your resume without even reading it. How to make you’re resume trash-proof.

• Make Your Resume Grab ’em By The Eyeballs. Pull ’em in, keep em reading, and get the interview when you use this "Effective Resume Checklist"

• Tips On How To Start Your Resume: The first line is the most important… how to make sure you don’t blow it!

• What To Include In Your Resume… don’t miss a beat, and give’em everything they need.

• Resume Design "How To’s"… A simple formula for a great looking resume in no time!

• Unlock The REAL Secrets To A Winning Resume… How to get a "pro" level resume… at a "Do-It-Yourself" price.

• Bad, Bad Resume… Avoice these mistakes… so your resume doesn’t SUCK!

• Understanding The Different Types Of Resumes… Using the wrong kind of resume can kill your chance of getting hired. Here’s how to know which kind of resume is right for you.

• The Magic Power Of Cover Letters… grab readers attention and stand out from the crowd with simple tactics anyone can use.

• How To Use The Internet And Resumes…apply for more positions faster than ever – but don’t make the common boneheaded blunders. We show you the right way to use the Web.

• How To Respond To Online Job Posts… and beat other job hunters to the punch!

• Writing A Resume For A Specific Job… wow employers with your customized resume. It’s easier (and a lot faster) than you think.

• Preparing An Actor’s Resume… get the directors attention before the audition with this simple method.

• The Job Seeker’s "Secret Weapon"… this one tactic will put your ahead of 97% of all other applicants, guaranteed.

• Plus much, MUCH MORE!