Master the Art of Resume And Cover Letter Writing: A Practical Guide on How to Write a Resume and Cover Letter that Work Like Magic with Proven Strategies that Guarantee Excellent Performance

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Mike was a sales rep at one of the big firms in the Marketing industry. He is an ambitious fellow, so he improved on himself constantly. All in preparation for a career change.

Finally, he was ready!

And that was when he encountered a problem he never envisaged.

It seemed like none of his applications got delivered because he never got a call to attend an interview…not even ONE. He was deeply disturbed. He had all the necessary requirements for every single one of the jobs he’d applied for, so what could be stopping him from getting interviews?

Mike went back to the drawing board, but he couldn’t find what he was doing wrong. His resume seemed perfect – a few tips here and a few tricks here guaranteed that. He was certain that NOTHING could be wrong with his resume.

He tightened his belt, adjusted his large black tie and doubled down with more efforts. Now he even started applying for jobs that were beneath his qualifications


Several weeks went by without a single call from any of the job applications he’d applied for. Not even from the ones he was overqualified for. Frustration began to eat away at him.

He started losing faith in the resume he’d crafted with so many "tips" and "tricks". Perhaps something was wrong with it after all. Acknowledging the possibility of a problem, he went in search of a solution…

And that was when he found the resources contained in this book.

He realized that there were more profound guidelines and strategies for crafting an excellent resume that gets results. And in no time, he knew exactly what he was doing wrong.

He followed the guidelines and changed things for the better to create a resume that looks crisp and professional.

And the result?

In just one week of s ending out the new and improved resume, he got three calls to attend interviews.

Full disclosure: Mike is no longer in the job market.

You can get the same results that Mike got. All you have to do is to learn and implement the practical guidelines that will help you write a resume that actually results in an interview.

MASTER THE ART OF RESUME AND COVER LETTER WRITING gives you exactly that with zero fluff information. Whether you are a new college grad or a seasoned professional, you get exactly what you need to write the perfect resume. The book provides you with concise resume and cover letter writing guidelines grounded in recruiters’ insights.

Writing an impactful resume can make the difference between landing an average job and an ideal one, MASTER THE ART OF RESUME AND COVER LETTER WRITING will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to achieve the former.

In this book, you get:

  • Clear-cut directions for writing a winning cover letter.
  • How to write a GREAT resume from scratch without resorting to overused templates.
  • Clear and simple guidelines that will guarantee an improved resume.
  • A handy reference to quickly answer questions when writing a resume.
  • Effective strategies for formatting your resume.
  • Guaranteed principles for passing the Applicant Tracking System(ATS).

And so much more…

Learn the perfect way to STAND OUT and GET NOTICED by those offering the job you want. Scroll up and click BUY NOW to get started on an inordinately rewarding journey.